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Artist Statement

Over the past two years, all of humanity has realized how blessed it is to be able to breathe. What was so obvious, breathing, became so precious.


Hold Your Breath is an attempt to provide space for untold stories. The installation of 2000 balloons in the main gallery, blown up by Wheaton College members, invites the consideration of human breath.


In writing classical Hebrew, only consonants are used. No vowels. The consonants used in spelling the sacred name of our God, Yahweh, are the only consonants that do not use the tongue or closed lips if pronounced correctly. The pronunciation of Yahweh is an attempt to replicate breath: inhalation and exhalation.


Therefore, the first word we ever spoke and the last word we will ever say, the last breath you take, is the name of God. Isn't it beautiful that he reveals himself in our breath?


Visitors of the gallery are invited to add balloons that hold their breath, prayers, and stories they could not tell.


In the small gallery, Wheaton College community members share stories they feel they could not share before. Perhaps their stories could be yours.


One day, when the balloon bursts, know that your prayers are answered, and your stories are heard. It’s not too late to tell your dad that you love him, say thank you to your mom, or say you’re sorry. Could you un-hold your breath?

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