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About Joonhee Elliot Park (박준희)

Filmmaker and educator Joonhee Elliot Park teaches digital cinema and media art at the Art Department at Wheaton College, Illinois. Joonhee worked as a military intelligence officer, commercial film producer, and film professor before joining the Wheaton College Art and Communication faculty. He studied film theory and criticism at the College of Humanities at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, and received the M.F.A degree in film production and directing from the School of Film at Ohio University. 

For the past 20 years, he carried out the work of documentary films that brought audiences to meet marginalized people from the ends of the earth. His cameras have met Nomadic Christians in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, a missionary kid in the narrow streets of Hong Kong, and the victims and perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide in the deep valleys of Rwanda.

He is interested in blurring the formal boundaries between documentary and installation art and narrowing the distance between the characters in his films and the audience by fusing traditional media production and new media. 

Films he directed and participated in are presented at the annual University Film and Video Association conference and screened at various film festivals worldwide, including Ohio, Indiana, California, New York, Arizona, and Croatia.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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