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“Before going through CARSA’s trauma-healing workshop, I didn't think Etienne was a normal person. When I saw him, on his bike, I would feel afraid. After the workshop, when I see him, I no longer see him as a scary person.”


I went to prison at seventeen and spent almost ten years there.

When I was in prison, I had no idea of asking for forgiveness. I kept thinking that the survivors were the bad people.


When I returned home, I realized that I was far behind other people of my generation.


In the Gacaca courts, I denied allegations, saying “I didn’t do that.”

I thought about it, and later I asked myself, “Why can’t I tell the truth?

I asked for forgiveness during and after the trauma-healing workshop. I managed to release my burdens.

Today, I can meet the people whom I offended.

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